Login questions

How to reset my password?

  • Go to the login/register page
  • Click the “Forgotten password“ button
  • Go to your email and follow the verification process to reset the password

Unable to access account?

Possible reasons:

  • Created account with wrong email. Before finishing the registration check carefully if your email is correct.
  • Associated multiple accounts with the same email. Multiple accounts are not permitted and creating them is against our terms of service.
  • Change of the mobile device and your account is not associated with FB or email. In consequence there are no option to login again into a same account created automatically

Signup Advantages

Creating account permits you the following options

  • Personal username
  • Multiplayer games vs opponents or with friends
  • Participate in weekly charts
  • Picture and avatar uploading
  • Additional chips on daily basis
  • Store access

It is completely free to create an account.

Platform questions

I am not getting my rewards for winning a game.

Before a multiplayer game, you can check how many chips you have and how much you need to enter the game. In the reward is included also the chips that you spent starting the game.

My chips are not updated

In some cases, you need to refresh or logout login again to see the changes. Another possible reason is that you see the main part of the chips amount. For example, if you have 9 200 chips you may see 9K but this doesn’t mean that you don’t have those chips. You can use them, they just not visible at the moment.

I invited a Facebook friend but did not get any rewards for it.

Your friends should be registered with your invitation. This option is available only if they don’t have an account already. The invited friends need to reach 3rd level as players.

Why I did not receive my daily bonus?

Each day you have a daily bonus but in order to keep the same bonus you should take it each day.

I can’t block players

It is possible to block a limited number of players. To block more you need to own an additional block feature from the shop.

Account questions

What are the benefits of becoming VIP and what can I do as a non-VIP user?

The privileges for all users are:

  • Daily chips
  • Liking profiles and pictures

The privileges exclusive for VIP subscribers are:

  • Add new friends
  • Chat with friends privately
  • Create your own session

How do I change my username?

You can only change your in-game name once! Open your profile, click edit and change your name. Then click Save Changes. You can make further changes if you buy the “Change Name” pack.

Payment issues

I made a payment but did not get what I paid for!

If you have questions about payments, please check the advices below.
Check for any unfinished transactions – click on the button “Complete”. If this button is not visible to you check the following steps:
Send your Invoice to our support email: [email protected] and you will get a reply in 48h.
If you are not charged by your payment provider it means that there are no payments done in our shop.

I am trying to purchase an item but there’s an error!

If you see a popup “Unfinished transaction; you have one or more unfinished transaction.”, tap on button “Complete” to claim your item. If it didn’t work out please contact us at our support email.

Game questions

Chips balance after leaving a game:

Тhere is no penalty if you leave the game, you only loose the entrance fee.

Technical problems during a game and loss of chips:

If you lost chips due to a technical, update or other issues with the platform then you’ll automatically receive your chips back and you receive a message about it.
If you do not have a refund the most common problems are Internet connection, device or browser issues.

Other technical problems

If you test that your Internet connection is OK , please try to change the game quality options from Settings. Modify “HD Graphics” and “Software Rendering”.

For further questions and information, contact us.