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Frequently Asked Questions

Login questions

I am unable to login using registered email and password.

iOS & Android:

  • Step1: Navigate to the registration screen
  • Step2: Click the reset password button
  • Step3: You will get a verification code to your email
  • Step4: Navigate to your email and reset your password

Please note that if you have created your account with a wrong email you won’t be able to log back in again, so make sure when creating a username, to enter the right email otherwise we won’t be able to get your account back.

How do I log in as a guest?

iOS & Android Solution:

  • Step1: Navigate to Registration
  • Step2: Continue the game as a guest
  • Step3: if the game directs you to your old account then please go to your profile and sync it with Google or Facebook so you won’t lose your progress

If upon entering as a guest you started with a new account then your progress is lost, unfortunately we can’t get back.

Why should I activate my e-mail?

E-mail activation will allow you to complete your profile and win bonus chips. If you forget your password, you can use that e-mail to recover it. Don’t miss out on any news regarding your favorite game!

Why should I sign up?

Sign up so that you can use the full functionality of the site, as well as the game! You will receive chip bonuses, you will have access to more features, make new friends and much more. Signing up is completely free.
You will receive:

  • Unique username
  • You will be able to upload your own avatar
  • Bonus in chips
  • Play with your friends
  • You will be eligible for leaderboards
  • Chip wallet and access to our store

Platform questions

I am not getting my rewards for winning a game.

When playing any session you should know how much money will be added to your balance and how much will be deducted when losing.
For example: The bid is 5000 chips. The reward includes the chips you win as payout and bid. You will get 2000 chips as payout for the win, as well as 5000 chips from your bet. Total of 7000 chips.

My chips and VIP status were not updated after I played a game or made a purchase?

Chips count can be funny! But don’t worry because the game won’t show fractions of numbers, so for example if you have 12k Chips and you get 300 chips the game will only show you have 12k. The way to check that the 300 are in your account is by entering your profile, you will see that the 300 are added to your chips.
Same case with VIP accounts, the game won’t tell you that you have 37 days for example, it will be seen as 30 days and once the 30 days are over the 7 days VIP will appear.

I invited a Facebook friend but did not get any rewards for it.

If you invite your Facebook friends, they have to register through your invite. You can invite players that do not currently have an account. For example, if your friend has received invitations from 3 people, only the person whose link the invited friend clicks and registers with will be awarded the chips. To get the bonus, your friend must log in with Facebook through the invite or open the game directly on Facebook.

I did not get my daily chips. Why?

In order to receive your daily bonus, you have to have played a multiplayer game. Join any of the multiplayer rooms and after the game, you will be able to collect your daily bonus.

Why can’t I block more people?

You can block up to certain number of players. If you want to block more players, you can buy additional block places(slots) from our online store. (The block option doesn’t work in the tournaments.)

Account questions

What are the benefits of becoming VIP and what can I do as a non-VIP user?

The privileges for all users are:

  • Daily chips
  • Liking profiles and pictures

The privileges exclusive for VIP subscribers are:

  • Add new friends
  • Chat with friends privately
  • Create your own session

How do I change my username?

You can only change your in-game name once! Open your profile, click edit and change your name. Then click Save Changes. You can make further changes if you buy the “Change Name” pack.

Someone is Cursing and is posting explicit content!

Profanity is prohibited in the game whether in private messages or in public chat, please provide us with a screenshot of the conversation. We will investigate the issue and an action should be taken; at first we will give the user a warning, then if it happens again we will ban him from the game.
Explicit content is also prohibited, you can also provide us with the name of the user and we will delete the picture right away among with banning the user.

Payment questions

I made a payment but did not get what I paid for!

If you happen to have a payment issue all you have to do is to follow those steps:

  1. Open the in-game shop again and tap on the same item. If you see a popup “Unfinished transaction; you have one or more unfinished transaction.”, tap on button “”Complete”” to claim your item. If you do not see this pop-up message, proceed to step 2 and 3.
  2. Go to your email, you will find a receipt from Playstore or Appstore.
  3. Take this receipt and send it to our support email, please attach the payment method with it whether it’s the appropriate store or bank. Please have patience, we will reply to you as soon as we see it, so don’t worry.

I am trying to purchase an item but there’s an error!

If you see a popup “Unfinished transaction; you have one or more unfinished transaction.”, tap on button “Complete” to claim your item. If it didn’t work out please contact us at our support email.

Game questions

Do I lose chips if I leave a game in progress?

Yes, there is a penalty for leaving, equal to 50% of the room bet. Leaving the game will affect your account and change the way people think of you.

The game lags, what should I do ?

First of all check your internet connection. You can also go to the Settings in the bottom menu and modify the “Low quality Graphics” and “Software rendering”. If the problem reappears, contact a game administrator.

The game crashed and I lost my chips! Can you restore my chips?

If the interruption is due to a server or other technical issues, your chips will be restored automatically, and you will be informed with a system message. If the chips are not returned, this means that the problem is due to misfunctions in your network (slow connection, inactivity, tab closure, etc.). In such cases no chips are returned.

For more questions and information, contact us at: [email protected]

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