VIP Hearts brand has been created in 2018 from our game development companies Casualino JSC and Zariba Group.

Through thе years we’ve tried to convert into one of the most preferred places to play the popular Hearts card game. Recently we’ve updated the entire website and added new information, structure and design. In addition, we presented a Hearts card game chart, where is interesting to see from which countries our players are coming. VIP Hearts is most popular in USA, Canada, France, Turkey, UK and Germany. We expect that we can offer very soon the game in a few more languages: German and Italian.

We are proud that our work is recognized by relevant and authoritative sources:
Pagat / Wikihow / Indiedb.

In 2020 we collaborated for the game variant of Hearts: (Dame de pique) with French and Turkish Wikipedia.

For more information please feel free to contact us.